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The Day of the Newpaper

The Day of the Newspaper competition is an event organised by the European Platform for all the bilingual (TTO) schools in the Netherlands. In November, both of the T2 groups at Marnix College took part in this newspaper quiz in which they answered questions about current affairs. The winners from both groups were chosen and these students then made their own newspapers with their classmates ( Marnix Mag & The T2 Times) with the theme ‘We are Europe’.
On Tuesday the 11th of March, Thomas Archer (T2t), Robin Fleskens (T2t), Tim van der Weerd (T2u) and Niek Kaalberg (T2u), represented the Marnix College at the Day of the Newspaper competition. The competition was held at the Van der Capellen school in Zwolle and in total 11 teams took part. Each group had to present their newspaper to the jury and give information about the articles in their newspaper. The articles focused on current events, the European Parliament, bilingualism, travel, EIO activities and the recent Olympics. Thomas Archer and Robin Fleskens impressed the judges with an articulate and engaging presentation of their newspaper, the Marnix Mag, and were awarded first place!

Well done Thomas & Robin!
Mrs C Gould. Docent Engels native speaker.