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T3 excursion to Cambridge May 2013

The excursion to Cambridge, Oxford and London was a huge success! Having busied themselves behind the scenes, tirelessly putting together a well-organised trip, our colleagues were nevertheless bouncing with energy in the early hours of Monday 13th May. Despite having to leave so early (5.30am!) and having to sit out the long journey on the bus to join the ferry in Dunkirk, T3u and T3t were uncomplaining and amused themselves with the usual digital paraphernalia.

Such a trip is, however, not without little upsets here and there. But it’s not the problems that are important but how you cope with them that shows character. And our pupils showed they were stoical in the face of adversity! The English weather was true to form but this didn’t dampen our spirits. Unfortunately, our driver was not familiar with all of the planned routes whereby we were obliged to miss a couple of interesting items on the programme. T3u and T3t were not at all fazed by any of this.

The programme was varied and interesting and has given the pupils a glimpse not only into English life today (guest families) but into the history and tradition on which education in England is founded (Oxford and Cambridge universities). Elsewhere on our travels the pupils were kept busy with guided walks and tasks and in Cambridge, just when we needed it, the sun came out and we had relaxing afternoon punting on the Cam.

In London we travelled a short distance on the tube which was for some pupils a
first-time event. At the Globe Theatre we were told how Shakespeare would have staged his plays and in Covent Garden we discovered just how expensive London is!

I look forward to the next time!

Lucy Massaar
English teacher
Mentor T3u
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